Lettres de non-motivation (mobile)

2016, 55 mn
Lettres de non-motivation (mobile) - Vincent Thomasset

For seven years, the visual artist Julien Prévieux wrote and sent letters of non-motivation to the human resources departments of many companies. Ironically, Julien Prévieux argues that the gap between the qualities required by employers and the reality of the positions to be filled, or showing his total disinterest in companies that sometimes praise their merits more than reason, depends on each recipient in order to justify his refusal.  These letters of resistance were adapted to the stage by director Vincent Thomasset and are now in a “travelling” version where the audience is immersed in the heart of the system, the show unfolding before their eyes. All this draws with a lot of humour and great efficiency, a strange inventory of supply and demand.

Mise en scène : Vincent Thomasset
Texte : Julien Prévieux
Interprétation : David Arribe, Michèle Gurtner ou Nama Keïta, François Lewyllie, Anne Steffens
Assistante à la mise en scène : Flore Simon

Production : Laars & Co
Coproduction version itinérante : La Passerelle – scène nationale de Saint-Brieuc, Ménagerie de Verre – Paris
Avec le soutien du Familistère du Guise, du Théâtre de Poche – Hédé-Bazougues

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31.05.2018 La Passerelle, Scène Nationale de Saint-Brieuc (décentralisé), Salle de l'Entran, Binic
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24.03.2017 - 25.03.2017 Théâtre de Poche, Hédé-Bazouges
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