Galoooooop !

2016, 12mn

“I prefer to follow literary paths rather than discursive ones, pushing back ever further those moments when I would have to think about the movements that participate in the elaboration of objects. Whether literary or living forms, I take up, recall, reinject or summon actions, places and situations. The question of time, desire, loss and oblivion. Here, I go back in time: the errands of an emancipated young man, the house of my childhood, a book, lost years. This text is interspersed with a revival of horseback riding, the art of war – “training for the battlefield” – which has become, over time, a sporting activity. Or how these twelve years of cold, rain, sun and sand come back, object after object, today, yesterday, tomorrow.” Performance that can be played in a loop in all types of venues: reception halls, museums, dressing rooms, theatres.

Texte : Vincent Thomasset
Distribution : Anne Steffens, Vincent Thomasset

Production : Laars & Co
Coproduction : MacVal – Musée d’Art Contemporain du Val-de-Marne, Les Subsistances – Laboratoire international de création artistique / Lyon
L’association Laars & Co est subventionnée par le ministère de la Culture et de la Communication soutenue DRAC Île-de-France au titre de l’aide à la compagnie chorégraphique.

Past performances
11.03.2017 festival Artdanthé, Théâtre de Vanves - scène conventionnée pour la danse, Vanves
24.01.2017 Avant-Scène, Cognac
02.07.2016 festival Mon Inouïe Symphonie, Dunkerque
16.06.2016 - 18.06.2016 Les Subsistances - Laboratoire international de création artistique, Lyon
28.04.2016 - 29.04.2016 La Passerelle Scène Nationale, Saint-Brieuc
02.04.2016 Mac Val, musée d'art contemporain du Val-de-Marne, Vitry