104, Paris

2009, Performance
104, Paris - Vincent Thomasset

“Vincent Thomasset proposes a performance at 104 that plays on the viewer’s expectations: when the work of gesture takes hold of Borgesian questions, he delights in showing the bas-reliefs incorporated into a writing of modernity: literary writing, body writing, space writing… which each and all three together rely on a dynamic motif that plays on prescription as well as constraint. We listen to a voice-over, a supermarket voice between the easylistening and the unforgettable one of the sncf messages, an impersonal voice that we could paradoxically make our own… We follow this work, which is always in progress, never sedimented, and yet under the influence of a structural injunction: to confuse the spectator by forbidding him any construction of a (only) meaning, and thus any verification of it. We look, we follow, we live between, as we see, instead of seeing and affirming. The field of possibilities is finally generously offered to us. Coincidence of interests and questions, the Centre Pompidou and Ircam are joining forces for the AGORA festival: on the programme is a symposium on “the paths that branch off…” with the exceptional writer from La Maison des Feuilles, Marc Danielewski. (see ircam.fr). From Marc Danielewski to Vincent Thomasset’s Topography of the Presence of Forces, there is much more than a simple kinship. To be continued, obviously. “Edwige Fitoussi, Dance screens

Invited by Camille Louis for the opening of the 104 review workshop, I propose two working sessions in line with the themes covered in this first issue: “How does the physical, spatial arrangement influence the mental arrangement of a subject, its ways of working and thinking? »

Avec Vincent Thomasset

Past performances
24.05.2009 104, Paris