No Camera – ESBA Tourcoing, Master Danse Lille 3

2014, Intervention

3-day intervention with students of the Master danse Lille 3 and students of the Fine Arts School of Tourcoing. With Elise Blondieaux, Amandine Depriester, Kim Doan Cluoc, Claire Dutilleul, Mathieu Locquet, Lucie Logier, Hélène Martin, Marie Pons.

We work around the No Camera principle, or how to take pictures without a camera. The protagonists move, look for a setting, a place to stop and take into consideration everything in their field of vision. They sometimes have to choose to integrate or avoid a particular component of the environment (object, individual, or even a part of themselves), which requires them to work their bodies in different spaces, configurations and experiment with the principle of form by accident.We worked in two stages: the first in the form of improvisation, the second aimed at reproducing the best photos without a camera (see video).I also worked with each student to identify what would be their particularities related to their ways of moving, of moving. They can thus summon them, amplify them, or, on the contrary, try to explore new dynamics.